An Overdue Piece of Linkage

A good meatspace friend of mine has started a blog called Castle Saint John. I highly recommend you guys check it out. It’s definitely still in the early stages but I am confident that ‘thebaron73’ will turn out to make a valuable contribution to the reactionary blogosphere. I am especially looking forward to reactionary works on masculinity that dont necessarily result from an attempt to baptise PUA techniques and insights, however valuable those might be.


One comment on “An Overdue Piece of Linkage

  1. Will S. says:

    Will check it out.

    BTW, speaking for us at Patriactionary (can’t speak for others), we’re not seeking to do that, but simply to apply knowledge gained; in same way we can learn other skills from others. For instance, you can use knowledge of fermentation and distillation to make booze so you can get drunk; or, you can use to make booze to enjoy without getting drunk. Same skills, seemingly similar usage, but not exactly. One is moral; the other is not.

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