The Le Vell Rape Case: Blogging In An Abstract Sense

Recently, Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell (whom I had not previously heard of) was accused, and subsequently cleared, of several charges of child sexual abuse, including rape and indecent assault. According to the accuser, who could not be named, Mr Le Vell raped her several times over nine years, starting when she was six. I did not follow the case while it was in progress (in fact, I hadn’t heard of it till it was over), but I’ve reviewed several news reports now and consider myself reasonably well-informed on the basic facts.

After hearing claims that Mr Le Vell had raped her ‘while she clutched a teddy bear’ and ‘held another teddy bear over her mouth’,  and that he had told her during the rape that he was ‘going to get the evil out’ and that if she told anyone about it ‘you’ll die and the evil will come over you’, the jury decided that the accuser’s testimony was inconsistent. Additionally, it appears that there were no other witnesses, there was no DNA evidence, and the victim had not sustained any injuries (unusual in a child rape). In short, in the jury’s opinion, and mine, the alleged rape did not take place.

That wasn’t the first concern on the minds of Twitter feminists, however:

A Twitter user named @RadicalRosa, who has since been suspended, claimed that men rape women ‘every day in an abstract sense’ and therefore that Le Vell should go to jail whether he in fact raped his accuser or not. She was the most dramatic (probably why she was suspended), but the Feminist Twitter Brigade in general was quite active. Here are some highlights:

As you can see, a whole hashtag, ‘#ibelieveher’, was created for this idiocy.

I’m not really sure what I am supposed to say to this, to be honest. I would have been against feminism in any time; I agree with Queen Victoria (hat tip to Anarcho-Papist) that ‘a good whipping’ would probably do some good. But modern feminism is simply absurd, in a way previous ‘waves’ were not; at least, they didn’t show it as clearly.

Rejecting the presumption of innocence. This is Trayvon Martin all over again. It is becoming increasingly clear that in a progressive utopia, the outcome of court cases would be decided based on group identity, not evidence, and the goal would not be to protect the innocent or punish the guilty, but to ‘stick it to the man’. This kind of mob justice is truly a frightening prospect. And if we are not already at the point where it will be enforced, we will be soon.

Needless to say, I do not ‘#believeher’.


3 comments on “The Le Vell Rape Case: Blogging In An Abstract Sense

  1. Will S. says:

    What the hell does ‘triggered’ mean, in that top tweet?

    • According to the ‘Geek Feminism Wiki’:

      Trigger warnings are customary in some feminist and other spaces. They are designed to prevent people who have an extremely strong and damaging emotional response (for example, post-traumatic flashbacks or urges to harm themselves) to certain subjects from encountering them unaware. Having these responses is called “being triggered”.

      • Will S. says:

        Ah. If that was real and not made-up fembot bullshit: awesome! More triggers please!

        If I cause even just one fembot to have an aneurysm from reading something I type, it will have been worth it. >;-)

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