General Update

Dear reader,

This is my first attempt to post by email at the Avenging Red Hand. Somebody needs to poke me to get me to keep reading Locke before I leave for Europe. It’s a slog, but he needs to be refuted.

On another note, I’m in Indiana, waiting to depart for Europe on Tuesday. Today I attended the Divine Liturgy at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Carmel. I did not know before I went that today is the Sunday of the Holy Fathers of the Fourth Ecumenical Council.

Blessed feast to all. Fr. Nabil gave a good sermon, mourning the schism but emphasizing the need to cling fast to the Faith in all its details. I wonder how the Copts and Ethiopians at my home parish felt.

I don’t have all that much of substance for you today, I fear, except my well wishes on this feast and the assurance that I am still progressing, even if slowly, on the great work of refuting Locke that I have set before myself.

Keep the Faith, everyone, and God Bless.

–The Avenging Red Hand

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