On Syria

Holy New Martyrs of Syria, pray to God for us!





2 comments on “On Syria

  1. Silouan says:

    From what I understand, the murdered priest is Fr. Francois Murad, a Roman Catholic priest-monk. The two bishops are, at least from what I last heard from my priest, still in captivity, but apparently alive.

    I’m glad to find there is at least one other Orthodox reactionary out there.

    • I have heard that a Roman Catholic Franciscan was murdered. I subsequently read that no such thing occurred. At this point I’m not quite sure what’s true, but the story I linked to claimed the victims were Orthodox.

      On a happier note, I am glad to inform you that I am not the only Orthodox reactionary by any stretch.

      Others include:

      The Black Baron at Monarchist Manifesto (unfortunately down atm)

      John of Ad Orientem (reactionary-libertarian hybrid) http://ad-orientem.blogspot.com/

      And on Twitter:

      @sippigrrrl (borderline)

      Just to name a few. I encourage you to check them all out if you haven’t already.

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