New Spanish Blog–La Mano Roja Y Vengadora

To those of my readers who speak Spanish: it may interest you to know that I have set up a new, Spanish blog, designed to bridge the gap between the Spanish and English reactionary blogospheres. With the help of Samuel Gonzalez, a contact from Twitter and my partner-in-crime in Panama, I intend to provide a combination of original Spanish reaction (his work) and translations to Spanish of various reactionary works in English (my own and others’). The translations will probably be a collaboration; I will write the initial drafts and he will edit and clean up my inexpert Spanish.

Anyway, if you speak Spanish and are interested in the Spanish flavour of reaction, please check out La Mano Roja y Vengadora.


2 comments on “New Spanish Blog–La Mano Roja Y Vengadora

  1. Bonald says:

    Hello Avenging Red Hand,

    I just saw your comment on the Orthosphere on your proposal to translate some of our essays. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long for you to get a reply. I am quite pleased for you to do this and ask only that you link to the original essays (which I’m sure you would have done anyway). Thank you for helping to get our message out.

    • Thanks, Bonald. I’ll get to work. Your essays have been a great help to many reactionaries and I think the French influence will really strike a chord in the very Catholic Spanish reactosphere.

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