The Foundations of My Morality, According To YourMorals

This is supposedly a measurement of how much importance I place on 5 ‘foundations of morality’: harm/care, fairness, loyalty, authority, and purity. I was grouped with ‘reaction’ (the scores in grey are reactionary averages). My own scores are in green. The average liberal score is blue and the average conservative score is red.

Interesting stuff.

You can check out the test here.


7 comments on “The Foundations of My Morality, According To YourMorals

  1. CaseyAnn says:

    I’m currently taking this. It’s a little tricky to answer questions that are undoubtedly written by liberals, e.g.,”his or her rights.” 😛

    • Yep. I seem to recall there were one or two in there that made no sense in my context. I just gave a neutral answer and hoped it wouldn’t affect things too much.

      • CaseyAnn says:

        “For example, liberals support legalizing gay marriage (to be fair and compassionate), whereas many conservatives are reluctant to change the nature of marriage and the family, basic building blocks of society.”

        Right, so that’s what they meant by “fairly.” -_-

      • No wonder I scored so low in that department.

        Though, in all honesty, I’ve always placed a relatively low value on ‘fairness’.

      • CaseyAnn says:

        I just thought of justice as synonymous and therefore scored it highly. It’s not the world’s justice that I value, however.

      • Nah, ‘fairness’ is a bit different. Seems to me it’s more the elevation of envy to a value than anything else.

      • CaseyAnn says:

        Heh, I concur.

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