Two Christian Archbishops Kidnapped By Syrian Freedom Fighters

To borrow a phrase from Jared Taylor: Are you swine happy now?

Both the Greek and Syriac Orthodox Archbishops of Aleppo have been kidnapped by Syrian rebels.

Of course, those of us who actually read about what the rebels were doing on the ground in Syria instead of listening to the usual flapdoodle about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ and ‘tolerance’ and other such connotation-only words bandied about as sacred shibboleths by our increasingly reality-independent élites knew that the success of the rebels would not be good for Syrian Christians.

But post-Christendom either was too dumb to figure that out, or it doesn’t care, or, most likely, it positively supports attacks on Christians.

May God protect Archbishops Boulos Yazgi and Gregorios Youhana Ibrahim and deliver them safe to their respective flocks. May He also grant that post-Christendom will henceforth mind its own business rather than constantly meddling with dictators who, for all their faults, at least restrain Moslem ‘democracy’.

Down with the rebels! Many years to Bashar al-Assad!

Deo Vindice!

EDIT: The title of this post originally read ‘Orthodox Patriarchs’. That was a typo and has been corrected to ‘Christian Bishops’. The tweet, unfortunately, presumably still says ‘Orthodox Patriarchs’, but there’s nothing I can really do about that.


5 comments on “Two Christian Archbishops Kidnapped By Syrian Freedom Fighters

  1. runnymeadeuk says:

    All aid to Muhammadan insurgents should be cut off and commandos should be sent in to find & free these Christian leaders. Those rebels responsible for kidnapping them should be dealt with swiftly & severely. Where are the Blackwater mercs when you need them?

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