Found In ‘Why I Need Feminism’ #2

This one courtesy of Adolf-Sauron ‘Luftwaffe’ Gotthammer (a person I know nothing about, who operates a blog I haven’t read, and whom I neither endorse nor censure, in case anyone is wondering).

Now, judging by the Rothbard/Mises pictures in the background, I’m guessing this is a satire.

But oh how I would love for it to be real…


5 comments on “Found In ‘Why I Need Feminism’ #2

  1. nydwracu says:

    Satire. She used to be on Tumblr, under the username communismkills.

    • Oh, OK.

      Come to think of it, it would seem a little out of character for a real WINF type to admit that she had standards or values at all, even if they were upside-down ones…

  2. CaseyAnn says:

    Definitely satire, I remember when she posted this. (I guess she is now using Facebook? Odd.) She was/is a member of a group of rightists on Tumblr that was called the Axis of Evil until just a days ago: When I used Tumblr, they were just getting started, and some are very entertaining to check back on.

    Unfortunately, she’s a Zionist.

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