Watch Out! You Might Trip Over The Future!

They are the future:

I know what you’re thinking: ‘What the hell was that?’ Well, the USA Network has started this protest to ‘end hate and intolerance’. Apparently what it basically consists of is a bunch of people putting on T-shirts with the names of the things they won’t stand for (including ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, domestic violence, religious intolerance, ‘ignorance’, and ‘Islamophobia), and then sitting down. Now, leaving aside the obvious point that anyone with half a brain who wants to end ‘sexism’, religious intolerance, and domestic violence had better be pretty ‘Islamophobic’, let’s just think about this protest. Am I the only one who finds it pathetic and laughable and rather pitiful?

There are no riots. There are no marches. There is no sign-waving. These guys can’t even muster up the collective energy of the TEA Party. Instead they sit on their fat rear ends and feel very smug about all the ‘difference’ they’re making.

I’m trying to imagine myself as one of the evil racist sexist intolerant Islamophobes they hate. Well, that’s not hard; I probably am one. How am I going to react if I see one of these idiots sitting on, for instance, a sidewalk?

Well, I’ll probably step around him, if I’m feeling kind. My biggest concern would be not to trip and fall with such a large object blocking my way.

When you think about it, this protest is fundamentally passive and meek. They don’t even stand up to make themselves seen; they sit down. In a crowd you wouldn’t notice these people; you wouldn’t even see them. These idiots think they’re going to change the world. I would ask: How? Is the Ku Klux Klan going to walk by and think ‘Hmm, we should amend our ways because all these people will sit on the ground if we keep being racist’?

Or maybe you think you’re raising awareness? But you’re really not. If you were to go find some specific examples of these horrible ‘isms’ and point them out, you could claim you were raising awareness. But right now all you’re doing is saying ‘There’s racism!’ or ‘There’s sexism!’ or whatever.

Let me give you a hint, morons: The only people who aren’t already quite aware of the existence of ‘racism’, ‘sexism’, ‘white privilege’, ‘male privilege’, ‘cisgender privilege’, and all your other bugaboos are people like me who’ve heard of them, examined them, and rejected them for whatever reason. You’re not going to change our minds by sitting on your fat butts with a stupid T-shirt.

This protest will accomplish nothing. And that’s fine with the protestors. Because if they managed to eradicate all the privileges and prejudices, their movement would collapse. They thrive on this stuff. They need to be continually revolting, even if the authority they’re throwing off is made up. If they ever got to their End of History, I’m convinced they’d find themselves adrift in a sea of purposelessness, because their politics doesn’t have an end that transcends politics.

So they make up enemies and they use non-measures to fight them. This stuff is to real revolution what Cowboys and Indians on the playground is to a gunfight. These people are playing at politics, filling their lives with simulated purpose.

As for me, I’ll just try to avoid tripping over the future.

H/T: The Right Stuff



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